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Fun Hair

The Details

Safety and Supervision: 

We use only high quality products.  We use one comb per person to ensure the highest level of hygiene. 

We do have our hands full during any entertainment you book, so the client is fully responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all guests.  

What will you do?  Hair feathers, tinsel, and chalk make great add ons to a party or done as the entertainment itself.  We can help you determine how much time you will need for your party and what services you'd like.  We are very flexible and can do lots of hair tinsel for a sleepover with 5 guests or one or two hair feathers for bigger groups.  Hair feathers are priced per feather while tinsel and hair chalk are priced by the hour.

Hair feathers and tinsel can last weeks to months when taken care of.  Feathers can be washed, dried, curled, etc... 

How is it removed?  Hair tinsel is attached using knots at the base of the hair.  To remove, untie or slide the knot down the hair  from the scalp.  

Hair chalk can be washed out easily with shampoo. 

Hair feathers are attached using a crimp bead.  When ready to remove, you will need to use a small pair of pliers to gently squeeze the bead.  When it's loose you can simply slide the bead and feather extension down your hair.  

Are there additional fees?  A travel fee may apply to events more than 15 miles outside of Knoxville.  Contact us for a quote.

Do you travel?  See above.  We also request to be booked for a minimum of 2 hours if traveling.

How do I book?  Fill out the form on the contact page or give us a call at (828)764-3301.  A 50% deposit is required for all live entertainment.  After booking you will be emailed an invoice where you can pay online with a credit card or mail a check.  Your time and date are not saved until the deposit is paid.  

For balloon orders and add ons, the amount due must be paid in full to start your order.  

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